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Government Of Assam Handloom Textiles & Sericulture Directorate of Sericulture

Food Plants of Silkworm

Species and improved cultivators of mulberry

The important species which are cultivated for food are Morus alba Linn, M. indica Linn. M. lavogata Wall., M. bombycis Koidz. are widely available, while Morus australis Poir and Morus aciosa Griff. are endemic to this region. In addition, a number of improved cultivars of mulberry have been evolved by the Research Institutes of Central Silk Board, which are found to be popular in the field. Among these, mention may be made of V1, Kanva-2, S1, S799, TR10, BC259 and S54. Some improved cultivars from Japan and other countries have also been introduced in India with encouraging results. Some of these are Ichinose, Goshoeorami, Kosen (Japan) and Limoncine (Italy).

  • There are at least 24 known different species of mulberry but there may be as many as 68 many occurring in Asia.
  • Black mulberry (Morus nigra) occurs naturally in Western Asia and the Middle East, and Red mulberry (Morus rubra) is a native of North America