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Pests and diseases of mulberry

Apart from the freaks of nature, such as floods, draught, snow, or forst, damage are also cause to mulberry by insects and plants pests. Life history of more than 20 insects pests have been studied in Japan. It is also stated that more than 500 fungal and bacterial diseases attacking mulberry are known but that about 30 kinds occur in a sever form, and that 7-8 diseases cause heavy damage . In India pests and diseases are fewer probable on account of the climate and soil.

  1. Insect Pests Glyphodes Phyloalis (Pyralideae) is a serious pest causing heavy damage to late autumn crop.
  2. Eggs are laid on the under surface of the leaves during May and June.
  3. Scale insects
  4. Weevils
  5. Stem borers
  6. Root borers
  7. Tukra disease