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Rearing of Silkworm

Muga Silkworm Reering

Muga silkworm: Muga silkworm, Antherea assama Westwood (syn. Antherea assamensis Helf., Antherea mejankori Moore) belongs to the Phylum-Arthropoda, class- Insects, order-Lepidoptera and family-Saturniidae. Family characters namely, bipectinate antennae, minute labial palpi, short maxillae, lack of frenulae are prominent in both the sexes.

Rearing of Muga silkworm Muga silkworm rear in out door on tree. One tree can be utilized for two rearing in a year alternately during spring and autumn, thus one full grown tree can yield 1000 cocoons in a year and 5 trees are required to produce 5000 cocoons which yield one kg. of muga silk. Muga silkworm is Semi-domesticated and multivoltine in nature having 5 to 6 generations in a year. In accordance with the Assamese calendar the different generations in a year are named as follows:

SlAssamese nameSeasonMonthRemarks
1JaruaWinterDec-FebPre- seed crop
2ChotuaEarly springMar-AprilSeed crop
3JethuaSpringMay-JuneSecond commercial crop
4AheruaEarly summerJune-JulyPre- seed crop
5BhodiaLate summerAug-SeptSeed crop
6KotiaAutumnOct-NovMain commercial crop